Meghalaya : Shillong To Host “Tri-Hills Ensemble” – Promoting Rich Cultural Heritage Of Khasis, Jaintias & Garos

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Shillong is gearing-up to host two-days-long cultural extravaganza – “Tri-Hills Ensemble” which aims to promote the illustrious heritage of the three vibrant tribes – Khasis, Jaintias and Garos.

Organized by the Westin Enterprise, this festival will take place at the premises of State Central Library on October 14-15.

According to the member of Westin Enterprise – Allan West Kharkongor, the term “Tri-Hills” alludes to the Rilum Khasi, Rilum Garo and Rilum Jaintia and the ensemble will celebrate the evolution of culture in the fifty years of Statehood.

“This festival intends to revisit the roots, through folk theater, cuisine, music, games and handicrafts. More significantly, though, it’s aimed to comprehend the entire thought process and history behind it,” stated Kharkongor.

The unique activities include the representation of a traditional market – Iewduh; which will comprise of indigenous fruits and vegetables, wild edibles, local delicacies such as pu-saw, putharo, etc. all available for sale.

This traditional market will comprise of food stands, placing some of the iconic delicacies from the state.

Additionally, there will be local brew available for sale; such as – rice beer from Ri-Bhoi and Riwar; Bitchi from Garo Hills and other locally-produced wine.

Meanwhile, the ensemble will also present unique performances like the Jabolo from Ri-Bhoi, the Shad Ngoh Krai of Wahkhen and the Shad Miet Raid Mawja.

Theatrical interpretations of freedom fighters such as – Phan Nonglait and Kiang Nangbah will also be performed by the Panaliar Group from Jaintia Hills; screenings of folk films, photography & storytelling activities will accompany the musical infotainment and display the evolution of Meghalaya’s culture over the past 50 years.

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