RSS Chief Advocates The Importance Of Mother-Tongue In Education; Emphasized The Need For ‘Comprehensive Population Control Policy’ & ‘Women Empowerment’ 

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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief – Dr Mohan Bhagwat advocated for providing education in mother tongue.

He stated the same, while addressing the annual RSS rally during the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami at Maharashtra’s Nagpur on October 5.

Lambasting the parents who enrol their children in English-medium schools; while, on the other hand, bemoaned that their mother tongue is on the verge of destruction.

“We lament the imminent extinction of our mother tongue, but how many of us enrol our kids in schools teaching in our mother-tongue?” – he stated.

Citing the importance of National Education Policy (NEP), the RSS Chief stated that “the National Education Policy will not succeed unless we send our children to mother tongue schools.”

He also pointed-out that nearly 80 per cent of the nation’s successful citizens pursued their educated in their mother tongue; and therefore, “English language is not important for building a career”.

“When expecting the government to institute the promotion of mother tongue, we should also consider whether we sign our names in our mother tongue or not? Whether the nameplates affixed on our residences are rendered in mother tongue or not? Whether household invitations bear the texts in the mother tongue or not?” Bhagwat said.

During the event, Bhagwat also stressed that religion-based population balance is an important subject that can no longer be ignored. He questioned the citizens on sort of education and healthcare, which will be provided to people if the population continues to grow.

He also laid emphasis on women’s empowerment and said that “a society cannot progress without women.”

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