Meghalaya : ‘Tri-Hills Ensemble’ – Connected To Cultural Heritage Of 3 Tribes; Begins In Shillong 

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The two-days-long cultural extravaganza – “Tri-Hills Ensemble”, aiming to promote the illustrious heritage of the three vibrant tribes – Khasis, Jaintias & Garos; kicks-off in Shillong.

Inaugurated by the Meghalaya Chief Minister – Conrad Sangma, this occasion will celebrate the arts, crafts, culture & tradition of the three communities.

Celebrated in line with the iconic ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the Tri-Hills Ensemble showcases the rich tribal heritage, unique arts and crafts, music, cuisines, folk dance and theatrical shows.

Organized by the Westin Enterprise, this festival is been held at the premises of State Central Library in Shillong. The term “Tri-Hills” alludes to the Rilum Khasi, Rilum Garo and Rilum Jaintia and the ensemble will celebrate the evolution of culture during the fifty years of Statehood.

During the event, the CM has also declared 6 ‘Arts & Crafts villages, and handed-over certificates for the commendable recognition. The state government has also decided to extend financial assistance to these villages to help them preserve their unique arts & crafts.

These villages include : (Amindagre in West Garo Hills known for its life-size wood & stone sculptures); (Larnia in West Jaiñtia Hills as the home of traditional black clay pottery); (Pahambir in Ri Bhoi District for its folklore, traditional cuisine & craft); (Tangmang in East Khasi Hills District 6 villages for refined crafts and bamboo mats); (Wahkhen in East Khasi Hills District renowned for its traditional instruments); (Mairang in Eastern West Khasi Hills for its artistic community of sculptors & painters).

The unique activities include the representation of a traditional market – Iewduh; which will comprise of indigenous fruits and vegetables, wild edibles, local delicacies such as pu-saw, putharo, etc. all available for sale.

This traditional market will comprise of food stands, placing some of the iconic delicacies from the state. Additionally, there will be local brew available for sale; such as – rice beer from Ri-Bhoi and Riwar; Bitchi from Garo Hills and other locally-produced wine.

Meanwhile, the ensemble will also present unique performances like the Jabolo from Ri-Bhoi, the Shad Ngoh Krai of Wahkhen and the Shad Miet Raid Mawja.

Theatrical interpretations of freedom fighters such as – Phan Nonglait and Kiang Nangbah will also be performed by the Panaliar Group from Jaintia Hills; screenings of folk films, photography & storytelling activities will accompany the musical infotainment and display the evolution of Meghalaya’s culture over the past 50 years.

Taking to Twitter, the Meghalaya CM wrote “The Tri Hills Ensemble at U Soso Tham Auditorium, Shillong is a celebration of the arts, crafts, culture & tradition of the three Hills of Meghalaya- Khasi, Jaintia & Garo, also celebrating 50 years of our Statehood & the #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav

“The festival showcases our rich tribal heritage, our unique arts and crafts, giving those visiting a memorable experience through music, food, dance and theatre. Great to see the representation of our beautiful culture in full display at the festival.” – he further added.

During the day, the Meghalaya CM has also unveiled the effigies of U Tirot Sing, U Kiang Nangbah & Pa Togan Sangma at U Soso Tham Auditorium in Shillong. This effort has been undertaken to pay a befitting tribute to the freedom warriors.

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