Seats Reserved For Bhutia-Lepcha Communities Doesn’t Comprehend With Available No. Of Seats : Sikkim Republican Party

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Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Sikkim Republican Party alleged that the percentage of seats reserved for Bhutia Lepcha (BL) citizens doesn’t comprehend to the available number of seats.

Additionally, if there are reservations for BL communities, then other groups will also be included into the concerned list.

Addressing a press conference, the President of Sikkim Republican Party – KB Rai asserted that “The October 11, 2022 notification declaring the conduct of panchayat election was issued. There are many flaws but if specifically referred to the 2018 notification, they have made a separate reservation for BL community, which is quite intriguing. However, they have also pointed-out that 20% of the overall 40% seats will be set aside specifically for the BL Communities.”

“If BL seats are reserved, then other communities’ seats should be reserved as well. The state government and all communities should obtain reserved seats, and it’s high time that Limboo Tamang is yet to get their reserved seats in the assembly, which comes under purview of the union list and parliamentary affairs,” – he stated.

It’s worthy to note that not only SRP but many discontent people with the reservation pattern for the Panchayat election people from various villages gathered at the State Election Commission (SEC) and demanded proper arrangement for the matter. In some cases, the BL villages has been allotted SC seats.

While, the SEC later clarified that “Both BL and ST may submit their nominations. But in the case of BL-ST, only BL can file the nomination.”

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