MHA Should Ensure ‘Constitutional Rights’ For Tiprasa People : TIPRA-Motha Chairman – Pradyot Debbarman

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, October 15, 2022 : Tripura’s royal scion and TIPRA Motha chairman – Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman on Saturday claimed that the assembly election in 2023 is the last fight to acquire the constitutional rights of 13 lakh “Tiprasa” (indigenous) people for their existence and survival.

Addressing a press conference at Manikya Court here in Agartala city on Saturday, the TIPRA Motha chairman asserted that “The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is the competent authority who can assure the ‘Tiprasa’ people that their constitutional rights can be solved. And if, the problem is not solved from the central government, then Tiprasa citizens will fight the election in 2023 on their own strength.”

He said that the joining of any political leader is unconditional in TIPRA Motha as this regional political party is fighting for the good cause of “Tiprasa” people. He urged political leaders not to dream of getting a party ticket from Motha and contest in the election. “Neither Dhananjoy, nor Hansa Kumar Tripura (former MDC) nor Brishaketu Debbarma (former IPFT MLA) had joined the party for any ticket. They have joined to fight in the election for the 13 lakh ‘Tiprasa’ people and for their existence, survival and constitutional rights”, said Motha Chairman.

Taking a dig at those politicians who marked TIPRA Motha as “Communal”, Pradyot said “There is malicious propaganda as if we are against any community. I assure you all that we want development of all communities in Tripura. It is true that the ADC is not developed. Even outside ADC also, many communities are still underdeveloped. I hail from a family that gave great patronage to Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore and Jagadish Chandra Bose, royal scion Kanchan Prava Devi has helped the refugees, and my father (royal scion Kirit Bikram Kishore Debbarma) helped them. Our family never gave any communal outlook. But today, there is the need of the hour that the constitutional right of the ‘Tiprasa’ should be raised.”

“There are lots of problems outside ADC areas which include- unemployment, electricity, poor roads, education, health, etc. Every time, our demands are being given a communal colour. Regional politics have changed. We want development of all. Healthcare system is in miserable condition across the state. If the law and order situation doesn’t rectify then economic development will not gain newer heights”, he alleged.

He further added that the government may play another fraud role claiming to constitute a “High Power Committee” and judge the authenticity of this demand of “Greater Tipraland”. “I must say that a high power committee was formed in 2018, but nothing took place. If again it forms it will be fraud. Whatever steps are initiated, it has to be in written form which is a document. The ministry of Home Affairs is the competent authority who can assure ‘Tiprasa’ regarding their constitutional right. If the government of India can hold talks with ‘Mujahideen’, then why can’t the ministry hold talks with us, we are residents of India and elected representatives. We want a final solution. Involve all communities and if there is thought of adopting ‘divide and rule’ policy, then we are sorry. I am not in a mood to cheat my people”, he also added.

Claiming the Constitution of India is the most important book according to “Bubagra”, TIPRA Motha chairman said “Does anywhere in the Constitution of India is written that our demand is unconstitutional? We understand the pain of Hindus and Bengalis in East Pakistan. Negotiation or talks should always be done with the government of India, as they have created the problem. The central government should give a constitutional solution. If the government of India says that it is a local problem and to solve it locally, then it will never be solved. If the problem is not solved from the centre, then we will fight the election on our own strength.”

TIPRA Motha president Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhwal claimed that the present government is an engine-less train with no guardian and many MLAs are frustrated. “Some politicians are making untiring efforts to mark us with the colour of being communal, we are never so. We are always for all irrespective of any community or religion”, he added.

TIPRA Motha chairman Debbarman and president BK Hrangkhwal along with others on Saturday officially welcomed former MLA Dhananjoy Tripura of IPFT, which is the coalition partner of BJP-led government in Tripura at Manikya Court in front of media personnel on Saturday afternoon.

Joining TIPRA Motha, Dhananjoy said “For eight year, I have worked with IPFT. At present, ‘Bubagra’ (Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman) is working for all sections and communities of people. As a ‘Tiprasa’, he had stepped on the field to attain a constitutional solution. Hence, I have joined TIPRA Motha and work for the indigenous inhabitants across the state.”

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