Meghalaya : HITO Extends Support To Demand For Creation Of Separate Garo, Khasi States

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The Hynniewtrep Integrated Territorial Organisation (HITO) has extended its support to the demand for creation of separate Garoland state and Khasi state; and urged all political parties to make their stand clear on the issue.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the HITO President – Donbok Dkhar asserted that “We would also like to support the Council of Nokmas the apex traditional body who have also demanded for special recognition and who are part of the Grand Council of Chiefs of Meghalaya which include Federation of Khasi States for their support on the demand of the Khasi States as per the treaty of the  Instrument of Accession and Annexed Agreement which was signed and accepted by Governor General of India on 17 August 1948.”

“The Khasi States demand includes the 54 Hima/Elaka and 19 Elaka in Jaintia Hills including the Khasi villages lands of the Hima which are under present Assam state and Bangladesh,” – the statement further reads.

According to the statement, “Currently, India has 28 states and 9 UTs. There is full justification for creating more states in India. The HITO would therefore like to be clear about extending demand for a separate state of the Khasis. As mentioned in the First Schedule strangely within Assam is a constitutional anomaly, so we will accept a new Khasi State only in consideration with the IOA & AA in a special article 370A.”

Its worthy to note that the demand for carving out a State primarily for the Garo tribal people have gathered momentum, ahead of the Assembly elections in Meghalaya.

The Garoland State Movement Committee in association with the National Federation for New States (NFNS) appealed to the citizens across the northeastern state to congregate in Tura on October 29 to take the movement forward.

Addressing the mediapersons on October 15, the Vice-President of NFNS – Nikman C. Marak stated “Leaders who have been part of Statehood movements across India would participate in the congregation to back the demand for a separate Garoland State.”

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