TIPRA Motha Chairman Pradyot Meets Kapil Sibal For Providing Justice To Retrenched 10,323 Teachers’

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, October 20, 2022: Tripura’s royal scion and TIPRA Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman on the late evening of Wednesday last met with one of top lawyers Kapil Sibal at New Delhi for providing a justice to the retrenched 10,323 teachers. He was accompanied by sacked teachers in the nation’s capital city.

Narrating the significance of this long-pending and burning issue of Tripura through his Facebook page on Thursday, Pradyot said that he along with a few sacked 10,323 teachers met with Kapil Sibal, who stands among top three to four lawyers and apprised him regarding the issue of terminated teachers. “We met with Kapil Sibal and he has agreed to fight for the affected 10,323 teachers of Tripura”, he added.

Citing his commitment, TIPRA Motha chairman said “I have promised the people of providing justice to the sacked 10,323 teachers. I will pay the fees of the lawyer from my own pocket and not a single penny will be spent from the fund of TTAADC. I want the people of Tripura to reap the benefits and enjoy the advantages.”

He said “Many among 10,323 teachers have committed suicide and died after losing their jobs. I want them to get justice. Last night, we met Kapil Sibal. Today, we met again with his juniors and council members and discussed elaborately regarding this burning issue of Tripura. I believe that this case may provide a sigh of relief to the terminated teachers, their families and relatives.”

“Teachers, who lost their jobs may support CPIM, Congress, IPFT, TIPRA Motha, Trinamool or BJP, wherever you are, I have nothing to do with your own side. My responsibility is to help the affected 10,323 teachers, and I am doing it”, he also added.



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