Arunachal Pradesh : Helping Hands Collaborate With Mighty Groups; Facilitate Employment & Education Opportunities For Youths In Foreign Nations

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The recipient of several national and international accolades, Robin Hibu – the first Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from Arunachal Pradesh who stood against all odds is tirelessly working to transform mainstream India into a much safer region for the people of Northeast India through his non-profit organization – Helping Hands.

Addressing the media persons on Wednesday, the Special Commissioner of Delhi Police – Robin Hibu, noted that Helping Hands, in association with Mighty Groups, is planning to assist youths of Arunachal Pradesh in attaining employment opportunities and pursuing further studies from foreign nations.

Hibu asserted that while thousands of young people from other states are working abroad, leading lavish lives, and earning better livelihoods for their families, only a small number of young people from Arunachal Pradesh are doing the same.

He cited the initiative as a “game changer” for employment and economic empowerment for NE youths.

“We will send the students to study or receive coaching from the foreign universities. They will be qualified to take the job examination after completing their course,” – he said.

“Our project will begin in Arunachal Pradesh, but a student must first qualify and pass entrance examinations to travel abroad. The tests will be conducted through online and offline mode by Mighty Groups. The online registration process has begun. Besides, legal procedures will be followed for sending pupils in these foreign countries,” – he added.

He further added that the Helping Hands and Mighty Groups will collaboratively work to sort out the issue of availing visas to the interested pupils.

It is worth noting that the AGMUT Cadre of the 1993 batch – Robin Hibu has been conferred with several national and international accolades. He stood against all odds, making Delhi a “much-safer capital” for the people of the Northeast. Hibu, the first Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from Arunachal Pradesh, was born and brought up in the remote village of Hong, nestled along the beautiful Ziro Valley.

Hailing from the Apatani community, Hibu has achieved major feats to tackle racism experienced by Northeasterners in other parts of the country, especially in the national capital; and has relentlessly aimed to bridge the invisible gap that stands between the mainlanders and Northeastern Indians.

In 2016, he founded a non-profit organization called ‘Helping Hands’, to address distress calls from students, young men, and women from the region suffering exploitation at the hands of employers and middlemen.

It includes a network of professionals like lawyers, chartered accountants, government services, and ordinary citizens who aim to assist Northeastern citizens in distress.

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