Assam Opposition Leader Writes To Meghalaya; Demands Security For Non-Tribal Communities 

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Leader of the Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly Debabrata Saikia has urged Meghalaya Governor Brigadier (Retd) BD Mishra to enquire into the alleged attacks on non-tribals in the neighboring state.

In a letter to Mishra, the Congress party legislator requested the Governor to initiate proper steps to protect the rights of non-tribal people in Meghalaya.

Saikia pointed out that a protest led by a tribal-centric organization had turned violent and resulted in massive chaos in some parts of the state capital Shillong on November 28. Earlier too, there have been some isolated instances where non-tribals residing in the state capital were being ill-treated.

“It was also witnessed that the state police officials were ‘silent bystanders’ during the recent protest where protesters were involved in heinous criminal activities,” the letter states.

“While the protesters mainly targeted the non-tribal citizens of the state, many horrific incidents such as vandalism, ill-treatment of women and others were reported from the same incident,” he further said. Till date, Saikia alleged, not a single criminal has been convicted or punished according to the law.

“What we can observe is that even after being the citizens of India, they are ill-treated in Meghalaya as a third-grade populace. The fear and uncertainty of their lives are still unprotected by the Government,” Saikia added in the letter.

Therefore, he demanded that an explanation regarding the recent incidents deliberated by the state government, led by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and an inquiry committee be constituted to ensure a proper investigation of the same.

“A detailed response must be sought from the government to make them reply on what ground such continuous incidents are happening which is distinctly violating the fundamental rights of the non-tribal citizens of Meghalaya. A directive committee must be formed which should be led by a judge of Meghalaya High Court or equivalent rank to address the issues faced by non-tribal population of the state,” Saikia added.

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