Sikkim: Limboo-Tamang Association Demands Status Of Primitive Tribe; Appeals Government To Pass Bill During Assembly Session

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Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee (LTVC) urged the state government to declare the Limboo community as a Primitive Tribe during the ensuing winter assembly session through a resolution, and forward it to the central government.

Citing numerous historical and documentation references, the President of LTVC – Yehang Tsong, shared “We have collected various historical references. As per the records, the modern history of Sikkim starts from 1642 AD with the historical tripartite agreement of ‘LHO-MEN-TSONG SUM’ between the three ethnic tribes- Bhutia, Lepcha, and Limbu. ‘LHO- MEN-TSONG SUM’ was inked between 24 leaders – 12 Limbus, 8 Bhutias, and 4 Lepchas, proving that Limbus had a majority presence and representation in Sikkim since ancient times. However, the goodwill of the treaty deteriorated throughout the Chogyal dynasty’s reign leading to unfair treatment of the Limbus, and the eventual unlawful legislation that cut off their original treaty rights.

The historical 16th-century Red Seal offered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet during the year of Fire and Thunderbolt (probably during the holy reign of the 4th His Holiness the Venerable Dalai Lama Yonten Gyatso or Yon-tan-rgya-mtsho) gives absolute credence to the truth that Limbu/ Tsong people are the first indigenous people of all territories under Phedap kingdom (including modern-day Sikkim) and under the sovereign power of Limbu since the time of their ancestors shared Tsong.

Considering these historical facts, “we want the state government to declare the Limboo community as a Primitive Tribe in the coming winter assembly session by passing a bill and forwarding it to the centre. It is worth noting that to date Lepcha is the only declared Primitive Tribe of Sikkim.

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