Sikkim Reform Cell Begins Agitation Against Ruling-SKM Party

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Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Sikkim Reform Call (SRC), an organization led by the former Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) leader – Ganesh Rai faced hurdles on the first day of their public outreach programme in Melli, Sikkim.

The ‘Sudhar Yatra’ was taken out by SRC to announce its regional political party. A youth raised slogans against Ganesh Rai and tried to block the route through which the SRC was carrying out the rally.

“Lot of rumours are being spread against the Reform Call initiative and now it is time for us to step forward as a political party. Before announcing our party, we want to go ahead with the ‘Sikkim Sudhar Yatra. Our party and issues will be announced during the yatra. We plan to reach every place in the State and interact with the people there on what reforms are needed in Sikkim,” said Ganesh Rai before starting the yatra.

He also said this yatra is not against anyone, not against the government, not against any individual or anyone but we just want reform in our systems so we want and if government work on the area which we find it needs some work then we will stop our activity.

Ganesh asserted that the yatra, will start from South Sikkim, is in the “interest of Sikkim” and would be a peaceful campaign and warned, without naming anyone, that the yatra should not be impeded through coercive tactics.

“We will not indulge in verbal abuse or other undesired activities. We merely want to connect with the people and take their feedback on how Sikkim can be made better. Yes, there would be criticism of policies. Don’t try to stop our yatra using force or other means, we are committed to Sikkim,” said the Reform Call president.

When the rally was all set to begin a group of people holding placards tried to disrupt the Yatra and saw an intense verbal clash and anti Ganesh Rai slogans.

After some time, Ganesh Rai’s vehicle along with the other three vehicles passed the crowd but other supporters’ vehicles got stuck for hours as the people didn’t allow the vehicular movement.

“Why SKM is afraid of us and doing this kind of mischief act,” said Ganesh Rai on his yatra disruption by youth.

Despite several attempts by police and others, the obstructing group of youths refused to allow vehicular movement or passing of the rally through the particular route.

Till filing this report the road was closed by the youth who was alleged to be from the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party.

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