Tripura Police Arrest 2 Youths From Assam For Smuggling Of Stolen Motorcycles

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, December 02, 2022: Tripura police arrested two youths from Assam’s Kotamani area under Bazaricherra police station on the charge of involvement in smuggling of multiple stolen motorcycles on Thursday.

Reportedly, Dharmanagar police station staff under North Tripura district on Thursday morning arrested Ratnakanta Pal, resident of Dharmanagar and auto-rickshaw driver by profession, and Abdul Jamal of Karimganj in Assam and car-mechanic by profession. Abdul has a rented garage in Karimganj.

Although, the Dharmanagar police is reluctant to open its mouth in the interest of investigation. However, a source of the police station said that for a long time, many motorcycles have been stolen from the Dharmanagar city and its adjoining areas.

During the investigation, two thieves were caught from the Dharmanagar area two days back and when they were interrogated, they leaked some secret information. Thieves in Tripura said that the 12 stolen motorcycles were purchased by the garage owner and another youth named Pal Padbir in Kotamani.

Based on the complaint, both of them were arrested from the Kotamani area. Till filing of this report, police is continuously interrogating the arrestees including the youth of Kotamani.

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