Sikkim: Former CM – Pawan Chamling Accuses SKM-Led Administration For Misappropriating COVID-19 Relief Fund

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Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The former Chief Minister of Sikkim & Chief of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Party – Pawan Kumar Chamling on Sunday mentioned that the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM)-led state administration is held accountable for the massive corruption in the state and COVID-19 fund mismanagement.

He asserted the same, while speaking during the ongoing ‘Save Sikkim Mission’ initiated by the SDF party.

“The SKM government is responsible for massive corruption in Sikkim. Nearly 90 percent of the COVID-19 relief fund has been misused. The Chief Minister and his family have been distributing money and vehicles to their close aides,” he added.

He also pointed out that there is no budget allocation for such distribution of money and vehicles, and added that “the financial assistance for medical treatment is distributed, not by the health department, but by the CM and his family randomly in their private residences.”

Chamling also accused the ruling party of suppressing the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) money laundering scam.

“The MCX money laundering scam reported in the national media has been suppressed and swept under the carpet,” he said.

Commenting on the drug smuggling in the state, Chamling opined that massive smuggling is going on through Nathula as gold is being smuggled from China, while sandalwood and drugs are being smuggled out of India.

“Many smugglers occupy high positions in the SKM party. The tender of government works is totally controlled by the SKM party. All the major contractual works have been allotted to contractors from outside Sikkim. An individual received the tender to complete a government project worth of Rs 10 thousand crores,” he claimed.

The former CM further alleged that the concerned government is firm on suppressing any voice raised against it. Since the SKM government’s inception, they started physically attacking people from the opposition party.

“Several of our party colleagues have been severely attacked. My vehicle and my supporters have been chased by SKM goons right from the time of the by-polls in 2019. Numerous party workers who voiced their concerns on Sikkim’s important issues have been harassed legally and tortured mentally,” he avowed.

“Many have been arrested and the Sikkim police are being pressurized by the SKM government to work under their command. There have been cases of police stations refusing to accept FIRs from us,” he added.

He also said that the CM, Ministers, and legislators are openly threatening government employees and the general public with victimization, adding that “Hundreds of government employees have been removed from their jobs in the last four years.”

“We will soon release the names of all the victims of the atrocities of this despotic government,” he claimed.

Further while speaking on the ”Save Sikkim Mission”, Chamling said that it is a mission demanded by the people of Sikkim.

“They (people) have been inviting me to their towns and villages and to their homes to discuss these unfortunate and destructive developments taking place under the SKM government. The Mission started with tremendous public support. The people’s mood, determination, and energy are there for everyone to see. They are fearless and their movement is unstoppable. We are all out to save Sikkim from these forces that are all out to finish Sikkim. The victory will be ours and the victory will be of the true lovers of Sikkim,” he added.

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