Mizoram: Raid On Single Use Plastics (SUPs) Conducted In Siaha

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The Enforcement Team on Single Use Plastics (SUPs) in Siaha district raided the markets, shops and street vendors for use and sale of Single Use Plastics (SUPs).

It is the follow up action of the first raid carried out on November 7, wherein all the vendors and shop owners were counselled of the law, against the utilization and sale of SUPs and informed them of the penalty thereof, if not complied with Government’s order which was already issued way back on July  1, 2022.

It was founded, barring a few, that most of the business establishments, shopkeepers and street vendors complied with the instructions of the enforcement team.

The enforcement team imposed monetary penalty on those shopkeepers and vendors who failed to comply with order and their monetary fine amounted to Rs. 10,100, apart from seizing their SUP materials weighing about 26 kgs.

The list of banned SUP items includes – Plastic sticks for Ear Bud, Balloon, Flag, Candy and Ice Cream; Plastic Fork, Knife, spoon, Straw, Tray, wrapping/Packaging film, Polystyrene (Thermocol) for Decorations; Plastic Cup, Bowl, Plate, stirrer, invitation card and Cigarette packet; Plastic bag thickness less than 75 micron; Plastic/PVC Banner thickness less than 100 micron.

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