Nupee Lal Numit: Manipur CM Pays Tributes To Brave Imas (Mothers) – The Unsung Freedom Warriors 

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India’s freedom struggle witnessed mass participation of women on an unprecedented scale, but unfortunately, several of them remained invisible, unknown and unsung in the heap of our history textbooks.

These valiant queens stepped forward and took control of the movement, thereby placing their names into the history for their unwavering and selfless devotion to serve the nation.

In regard to the same, the northeastern state of Manipur observes ‘Nupee Lal Numit’ annually on December 12 in honour of the courage, sacrifice and patriotism of these courageous women of Manipur, who inspired and contributed immensely to shape Independent India.

On this day in 1939, a significant number of Manipur women fiercely rebelled against the repressive economic and administrative policies of the British imperialists. They battled against rice export which had triggered a bogus famine in the state. In total, 21 women sustained injuries in the struggle for the state’s welfare.

Remembering the great Imas on the ‘Nupee Lal Numit’, the Manipur CM noted that “their courage and sacrifice to stand against the exploitative British imperialism will always continue to inspire us.”

Taking to Twitter, the Manipur CM wrote “Since time immemorial, the women of Manipur have always been at the forefront on any of the social issues.”

Biren emphasized the continuing responsibilities of the womenfolk in the society, including sports, administration, medicine, entrepreneurship, art and culture.

Meanwhile, the Manipur Governor – La Ganesan stated in his message that “it is befitting to remember those large numbers of Manipuri women who stormed the state durbar office, demanding immediate stoppage of rice export, in which around 21 women were injured on December 12 of 1939.”

“The day is remembered as Nupi (Women) Lal (War) Numit (Day). It is indeed, an event of great significance in the history of the state. The revolt of women against the monopolistic administration signifies the importance of women in the state and their role in the society,” he added.

He urged the citizens of Manipur to follow the path of the courageous Manipuri mothers who stood up against injustice and battled for their rights in maintaining a peaceful state.

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