Tripura’s Nodal Enforcement Agencies Seized Over Rs 9.36 Crore In Last One Month

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, December 23, 2023: Tripura’s nodal enforcement agencies’ under the umbrella of the Election Commission of India seized Rs 9 crore 36 lakh 50 thousand 449 has been made in the last one month’s span across the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura, Kiran Gitte in a press communique informed that the Election Commission of India always ensures that free and fair elections are conducted in India. In order to ensure this, the most important aspect is to curtail the power of money.

While curbing the menace of money and muscle power, ECI also ensures that the general public do not face any inconvenience. In fact, all out efforts are made to ensure that the common man on the ground is sensitized to become a stakeholder in aiding and assisting the ECI mechanism in combating the menace of bribery of voters and other corrupt practices, polluting the electoral system.

Since, the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Tripura is approaching; the Election Commission of India has directed the CEOs of all Poll going states to activate the nodal agencies of Election Expenditure Monitoring.

In November 2022, as per the instruction, Election Expenditure Monitoring agencies have been brought under the umbrella of the Chief Electoral Officer, Tripura and have been activated.

Since the initial training, the State Nodal Officers, all the agencies or departments have come together to strictly enforce the guidelines regarding expenditure monitoring. The departments such as Income Tax, Tripura Excise, Central GST, State GST, Tripura Police, BSF, Narcotics control, Enforcement Directorate are the major stakeholders in Election Expenditure Monitoring, the statement reads.

The CEO said “The enforcement agencies have been putting in their great efforts. As a result, within the short period of time with effect from November 24 to December 23, 2022 seizure to the tune of Rs 9,36,50,449 has been made whereas, the total seizure amount in assembly election, 2018 was Rs 2,57,19,000.

Kiran Gitte, the Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura has assured that these enforcement drives will continue till election and a level playing field will be ensured for all stakeholders.

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