Bangladesh Assistant High Commission In Agartala Celebrated Bangabandhu’s “Homecoming Day”

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, January 10, 2023: The date “January 10” is an unforgettable and joyous day in the history of Bangladesh, indeed a day of complete victory. On this day in 1972, the great hero of Bangladesh’s great liberation war and the great architect of freedom, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest father of the nation of all time, was released from the dark prison cell of Pakistan after nine months and 14 days.

Bangladesh Assistant High Commission at Agartala organized a special program to celebrate the historic Bangabandhu’s Homecoming Day with due dignity on Tuesday. On this day at 03:30 pm, the ceremony started by placing wreaths on the portrait of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. At 03:35 PM, on the occasion of the day, his Excellency the President of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister read the message given by Md Rezaul Haque Chowdhury, the first secretary of this mission and Md Al Amin, the first secretary of this commission, respectively.

At 03:45 PM, a discussion meeting was held on the significance of the Father of the Nation’s Homecoming Day. The first secretary of the mission, Md. Rezaul Haque Chowdhury, Swapan Kumar Bhattacharjee, the honored personality of the Bangladesh government, gave a welcome speech in the discussion. Mojahid Rahman and distinguished educationist Dr Ashish Kumar Vaidya and others.

Assistant High Commissioner Arif Mohammad in his closing speech said that Bangladesh won victory on December 16, 1971 through nine months of bloody war, but that victory was incomplete and unsatisfying without Bangabandhu. He said, on that day, the great hero of history Bangabandhu returned to the independent country with honor, head held high, in the guise of a hero, the country got back its beloved legendary son, the nation got back their great leader, the architect of the nation, Bangabandhu. The victorious Bengali nation experienced the full taste of victory by returning Bangabandhu to a free and independent country through armed struggle.

The Assistant High Commissioner said that the anti-national gang wanted to block the development of Bangladesh by killing Bangabandhu and his family on August 15, 1975. But they could not destroy Bangabandhu’s ideals and dreams. He said, under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh is moving forward on the development ladder.

In his closing speech, Assistant High Commissioner Arif Mohammad respectfully remembered the great architect of independence, the greatest Bengali father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, four national leaders, 30 lakh martyrs, 2 lakh mothers and sisters who lost their best children of the nation, brave freedom fighters.

In his speech, he expressed his gratitude to the people of India, the then Prime Minister of India late Indira Gandhi as well as the Indian government, allied forces, cultural workers, journalists, intellectuals and all levels of people for their cooperation in the great liberation war of Bangladesh.

Highlighting the unprecedented development of Bangladesh under the strong leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the privileged daughter of the Father of the Nation, he highlighted India’s partnership in Bangladesh’s progress. During the liberation war, the people of Tripura also remembered with gratitude how they stood by the freedom-seeking people of Bangladesh.

Moreover, he mentioned in his speech, on this important moment of the Homecoming Day, let us pledge to fight against all domestic and foreign machineries and be inspired by the spirit of the Great Liberation War and work together to build the dream of the father of the nation, “Golden Bangladesh”, i.e., a developed and prosperous Smart Bangladesh by 2041.

First Secretary Md. Al Amin announced the end of the program by thanking all the guests. At the end of the program at 05:30 PM, a cultural evening was organized in honour of the invited guests.

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