Whosoever Will Give Commitment Of “Greater Tipraland” In Written, TIPRA Motha Will Form Alliance: Pradyot Tells Ruling & Opposition Parties

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, January 16, 2023: TIPRA Motha chairman and royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman on Monday left the matter of alliance “undecided” as he is robust for Tiprasas (Indigenous People) in acquiring their constitutional rights through the demand of “Greater Tiprland”.

He left the doors open for CPIM and Congress, and BJP as well, whosoever will give commitment of their demand in writing, Motha will forge alliance with that political party. Or else, this is the last fight to attain the constitutional rights of the “Tiprasas” (Indigenous People) and the socio-political party will fight alone, he added.

After returning to Tripura after recovering from physical illness, Debbarman attended a public meeting of the party’s women’s organization in Khumulwng, the district headquarters of TTAADC under West Tripura district on Monday afternoon. In the rally, instead of giving a clear message, he left all the political parties confused.

Addressing the rally, TIPRA Motha chairman Debbarman, who is also the MDC said “There is no compromise on ‘Greater Tipraland’ demand. Motha will think about support only if there is a written promise on the question of the constitutional solution of that demand.”

Claiming that he is under a lot of pressure, he said “Still, I will not let people sell out by going into alliance before elections. An attempt is being made to break the unity by showing lollipops to the people. But, I will not let that attempt succeed.”

“Many people are coming to him with tempting offers of money and position. But, I want people’s blessings before death. I cannot betray indigenous people for money or position. So, I will continue to fight for your rights”, he added.

Addressing various political parties, Debbarman said, “You are fighting for the next election. I continue to fight for future generations. According to him, women are being raped in Tripura. Young people are losing their jobs, many are roaming in search of work.”

“TIPRA Motha’s power has increased a lot. Congress workers are getting beaten up. But, because of the unity among the people, no one dares to attack the workers of Motha”, said Debbarman and pleaded to fight unitedly.

He also claimed that if all castes and communities are not united, everything will be wasted. Democracy is in danger. Therefore, all must jump to protect democratic rights.

Today he gave a message to the people on various issues in the public meeting. But, he did not reveal the election strategy. As a result, no matter what Pradyot shakes and coughs today, it has started to be vigorously practiced in the political circles.

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