Trinamool Congress Will Develop Tripura In West Bengal’s Style: Abhishek Banerjee

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, February 10, 2023: Trinamool Congress will develop Tripura in the style of West Bengal. Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s All India General Secretary claimed while participating in the election-campaign rally at Kamalpur in Dhalai district on Friday.

However, he advised the people to check the development of West Bengal under TMC’s rule before exercising their franchise. He claimed that BJP had dreamed of making a prosperous Tripura in 2018. The people of Tripura have nothing but underdevelopment and mismanagement, he alleged.

Getting practically disappointed by the turnout at the public meeting in Kamalpur. Banerjee has strategically placed the responsibility of non-attendance of people on the shoulders of BJP. He claimed that only BJP is afraid of Trinamool Congress. Therefore, the administration cancelled the permission after finalizing the venue.

On this day, he loudly demanded that the Trinamool Congress will show the development in West Bengal in Tripura. People of Bengal got Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Rupashree, Lakshmi Bhandar. People of Tripura will also get the opportunity of all those projects within a month of government formation.

He claimed that the prices of petrol-diesel and cooking gas cylinders are increasing under BJP rule. But, petrol-diesel prices fell because BJP lost in West Bengal. According to him, the more the BJP lost, the lower the price increase.

He claimed that the BJP has changed the Chief Minister in Tripura due to the Trinamool Congress movement. If people vote unitedly in this election, the government will change. He assured, Trinamool Congress will not be dishonest with people. Trinamool will develop Tripura in the style of West Bengal. But, check the development of West Bengal before elections, then vote for Trinamool, Abhishek’s advice.

On this day, he challenged the BJP and said, sit in the discussion on the data and statistics to fulfil the promises. “We will not face the people of Tripura if we cannot force them to leave the field in the interest of the development of West Bengal”, he added.

Banerjee sarcastically said, what the CPOM has done to Tripura in 25 years, the BJP has done more damage in the last five years. He suggested BJP workers will now go to people, entice and give money. Take money from them and vote for TMC because that money is yours, don’t give up that right.

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