AITC Leader Kunal Ghosh Gives An Alternative Route To BJP’s “Double Engine” Policy

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, February 12, 2023: All India Trinamool Congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh raised multiple allegations against ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s “Double Engine” policy and castigated the saffron party for having a friendship with CPIM and Congress.

Speaking to media personnel at TMC state headquarters here on Sunday afternoon, All India Trinamool Congress spokesperson Ghosh said, “The election campaign is almost at its end and Tripura is gearing up to elect its representatives for the assembly elections. In such a situation, the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah keep coming to Tripura is reminiscent of their repeated visits and subsequent defeats in the 2021 West Bengal Assembly Elections. After being in power at the center for 9 years and in the state for the last 5 years, they are in such a state because they are anxious, scared and desperate to stay in power. Common people of Tripura want change”.

He also said, “By abusing the Election Commission to stay in power at the Centre, taking unfair advantage, the opposing forces are depriving the opposition parties of proper campaign opportunities. It seems that the Election Commission is being used to make up for BJP’s shortcomings. The strictness of the Election Commission in states where there is a non-BJP government and their laxity to prop up the BJP government where their own government does not escape the eyes of the general public.”

“BJP, Left-Congress alliance to fight them and serve their own interests. Left-Congress alliance in Bengal to defeat Trinamool Congress. They are supported by BJP”. He also said that CPIM, Congress are strengthening BJP’s ground in Bengal. They are trying to defeat Trinamool Congress. But people’s confidence in Trinamool Congress has not decreased, on the contrary it is increasing.”

“Tripura CM has been changed, Biplab Dev has been removed because he did not work. Again, the former Chief Minister of the opposition party CPIM Manik Sarkar is not a candidate, because he understood that a political fight is not possible with this Left-Congress alliance. Manik Sarkar is a respected personality. But why should people vote for the party where the leader himself left the field?”

“There is no substance in Narendra Modi’s speech, only helpless cries. No matter how much malice they have against the BJP, the Trinamool Congress they are bound to admit, the reports published by various centers at various times put West Bengal first in most cases. Each project of Kanyashree, Rupashree, Swasthyasathi, Lakshmi Bhandara is specially mentioned”, he added.

Ghosh said “The ‘Duare Sarkar’ (government at the door) was awarded as the best project in the country from Rashtrapati Bhavan on January 07 last. Gujarat has taken inspiration from this project. There is an arrangement to give door rations before the election. But being vengeful, they stop giving money to Bengal. 100 days work project has been stopped after 4 months of receiving the best honor in the country. BJP cannot develop by itself, it does not allow others to work. Girls of Tripura also have the right to get Kanyashree, Lakshmi Bhandar of housewives, health partner opportunity of all common people.”

“After the establishment of BJP government, the price increase is increasing day by day. Prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas, fertilizers, life-saving medicines are increasing. BJP’s work is only to do politics in the name of religion, to increase the prices of daily necessities of common people. Do not fill your stomach with religion. Layoffs, unemployment all around. After Corona, the condition of workers has worsened. Per capita income has declined across the country but West Bengal is an exception because the government has protected people’s rights”, Ghosh told reporters.

“New universities, schools and colleges have been established, employment has been created. If there is any mistake in it, it will be corrected. Trinamool Congress knows how to fulfill its responsibilities. Trinamool Congress will protect the rights of 10,323 teachers in Tripura.”

“Trinamool Congress got 26% votes in the by-polls within 3 months because of people’s love. The by-election picture was different. Trinamool Congress continues to fight despite the terrible terror, hooliganism by entering the police station. BJP government has destroyed democracy.”

“According to the Centre’s report, Kolkata is the safest city for women in the country. A government led by Mamata Banerjee, headed by Abhishek Banerjee and run by Bhumiputra of Tripura will solve the problems of common people. At least one day in every month, Mamata Banerjee will hold court for common people. He is always ready to find out how to give them more opportunities, and to solve their problems. BJP is a communal party that asks to hug the cow on 14th February, CPIM is a failed party that has left the society behind by blocking English education, computers, voting for them means supporting medieval terror and brutality”, he also added.

Ghosh further said “West Bengal, Tripura are places of people speaking the same language, food habits are the same, culture is so similar, why trust the double engine government of Delhi? He concluded his speech with this message to the people that they will move forward with the goal of development like twin siblings.”

Rajya Sabha MP Sushmita Dev opened the conference by thanking all the journalists. He said that Trinamool Congress is campaigning in different parts of the state since February 2. She strongly condemned the incidents of obstruction of campaigning, vandalism of offices, changing of meeting venue despite permission in various places like Sonamura, Chandipur, Banmalipur, Teliamura etc. She drew the Election Commission’s attention to the way in which the signs of dictatorship are being presented in democratic countries.

In the press meet, Banamalipur Assembly Trinamool Congress nominee Santanu Saha, Pradesh Trinamool Congress Campaign Committee Chairman Shibaprasad Chowdhury and Trinamool Congress student leader Supriya Chandra were also present.

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