APPSC Under Secretary Found Dead Near Poma Village

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Tumi Gangkak was found hanging on a tree in Poma, with many suggesting that the circumstances surrounding his death appear to be suspicious.

His last message to a group he was a part of, KKWS, suggested that he was being unfairly targeted in relation to the recent APPSC paper leakage scandal.

The CBI had summoned Gangkak to their office on the day of his death, and he left his home shortly before his phone went offline. When family members went looking for him the next day, they found his body hanging on a tree by the roadside.

The question of whether Gangkak’s death was a suicide or a planned murder is one that is currently under investigation by the authorities. With the body still hanging on the tree, there is a sense of urgency to determine the truth behind Gangkak’s untimely death.

As per the sources, Late Tumi Gangkak’s both hand’s nerves were found to be cut while the dead body was hanging from a tree at Poma.

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