Tripura Doctor Suggests Healthy Tips To Get Relief From Heat Wave & COVID Pandemic

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, April 19, 2023: Aiming to give some relief from the prevailing heat wave and surge in COVID-19 positive cases across the state, a senior doctor of Tripura and MD of Medicine department of the GBP Hospital, Dr Kanak Chowdhury suggested some healthy tips to stay fit and fine from the scorching heat of the sun as well as deal with coronavirus.

While sharing his suggestions, Dr Chowdhury, who is also the secretary of the All Tripura Government Doctors’ Association said that the heat wave is too high throughout the state. There should not be crisis of water in the body. People should consume juicy fruits like watermelon, grapefruit, cucumber, pineapple, grapes, etc. to stay well. The government of Tripura also issued advisory for betterment of state’s people which needs to be followed immensely.”

Speaking about COVID cases, Dr Chowdhury said that the number of positive cases is not so high in Tripura but the communication system in the state had become very advanced with a delightful number of flights and trains’ services. Accordingly, Government released advisories for mandatory screening of people coming from different parts of the country, because COVID cases are being found from those people who have travel history of different states, he added.

“People having no symptoms were asked to stay at home quarantine and treatment will be done from their respective houses. Though there is nothing to panic, but those who are visiting hospitals and working in healthcare institutions, must wear mask, clean their hands properly and maintain physical distancing as much as they can. People are well aware about COVID-19 as Tripura had an experience of two years dealing with pandemic in a good way. Hence, I am sure, we can definitely deal with such rise of COVID for another time”, the senior doctor said.

Suggesting another tip to tackle coronavirus to a certain extent, Dr Chowdhury said “People must drink plenty of water, should avoid air conditioners and cold water. Consumption of lemon juice, wood apple juice, etc. should be done. Children will copy exactly the same what their parents consume. If any person is having fever, his or her body should be wiped with wet cloth, drink plenty of water and pay a visit to doctor on the first or second day positively.”

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