Nagaland Sees Decreasing Trend Of Malaria Positive Cases & Deaths

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Nagaland has been witnessing a decrease in Malaria positive cases – from 8,479 in 2009 to only five in 2022 while malaria deaths has also came down from 35 to zero during the same period, a health department official said.

State Programme Officer, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), Dr Neisakho Kere said this while making a presentation during the observation of World Malaria Day on the theme ‘Time to deliver zero Malaria: invest, innovate, implement’ here on Tuesday.

He said that between the period 2005 to 2022, the highest 8,479 Malaria positive cases was detected in 2009 while it came down to five in 2022, he said, adding that Dimapur, Kohima, Peren and Phek reported the positive case while other districts didn’t have any.

The malaria related deaths in Nagaland during the same period was highest in 2006 at 75 while 2009 was second at 35 deaths, but after a patient’s demise in 2016, the malaria death has been zero from 2017-2022.

The Malaria Pf cases in the state during the period was highest at 2,893 in 2009 but it has come down to just two in 2022 while Malaria Pv cases during the same period was highest in 2009 at 5,596 which has also come down to three in 2022, he said.

‘Pf’ or Plasmodium falciparum and ‘Pv’ or Plasmodium vivax are two different species of the parasite that causes malaria in humans.

Pf causes the most acute, severe form of the disease, which can have a cerebral manifestation (cerebral malaria) and causes the most deaths worldwide. Pv is still a serious disease, but usually less severe.

If diagnosed early, both forms are easily treated and completely curable, it was informed. He said that while India is targeting to attain zero malaria cases by 2030, eight districts of Nagaland do not have any positive cases. The National Centre for Vector Borne Disease Control in the state has been progressing steadily toward a malaria-free Nagaland, said Principal Director of Health and Family Welfare Department, Dr Vibeituouno M. Sachu.

Sachu said that this is a major step towards their goal for the elimination of malaria, but there are many more things to be done in order to have a malaria free state. Commissioner and Secretary, Heath and Family Welfare, Y Kikheto Sema said as the state observes World Malaria Day, there is a need to create awareness about the devastating effect on health, social and economic consequences due to malaria.

On the road to the elimination of malaria by 2030, Nagaland needs an awareness campaign, and cleanliness drive involving all sections of the people, he said.

Three best performing Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) under Kohima district health centres were also felicitated for actively involving in blood sample collection for malaria test and also creating awareness.

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