Tripura: Women Dies 12 Years After Marriage; Husband Booked For Dowry Case

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, May 17, 2023: A 29-year-old woman died after 12 years of her marriage at her in-laws house in Tripura’s Paul Para area under Udaipur sub-division of Gomati district on Tuesday.

Her parents alleged that their daughter was harrassed by her husband for bringing dowry from her father’s house. They alleged that she was killed at first and later hanged. They also alleged that her husband is the main culprit behind her death.

It is reported that the 29-year old Jayashree Debnath of Tulamura area was married with Sudip Lodh of Paul Para area in Udaipur sub-division around 12 years back following social norms and a motorcycle, lots of cash, gold jewelleries and furnitures were given as dowry.

The deceased housewife’s father Haradhan Debnath alleged that the marriage of her daughter and son-in-law Sudip went well for two years, but problems arose after she became pregnant. Sudip started pressurising his wife to bring money from her father to fulfill various needs of his family.

He alleged that the ill-mentality son-in-law brought money from him even for minor treatment. Sudip is an insurance agent by profession. Although, his earnings were good and went outside Tripura for several times in every year. Even then, Sudip failed to control his greed over the money brought from his wife’s father.

Often, Sudip used to torture Jayashree mentally for fetching money from her father. He used to get boozed and assault her physically, Haradhan complained.

Reportedly, arbitration meetings were held between two families for several times, but nothing solved in reality. Rather Sudip continued to blackmail Jayashree many times that he would commit suicide if she did not bring money from her father. And Jayashree’s father used to give her the demanded money thinking about her daughter’s happiness.

Her father also said that Jayashree and Sudip had a heated altercation recently, and then she went to her father’s house. Later, she returned to her husband’s home. But on Tuesday, her hanging body was recovered from her present home at Paul Para in Udaipur sub-division.

Jayashree’s father Haradhan Debnath filed a written complaint against her husband Sudip Lodh with Tulamura Out Post under Kakraban police station in Gomati district. He alleged that her daughter was killed at first and later hanged to showcase as of she had committed suicide. Based on the complaint, police registered a specific case 62/2023 and arrested husband Sudip Lodh.

It is worthy to mention here that Jayashree and Sudip has a daughter studying in class II.

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