Tripura Farmers’ Sells ‘Miyazaki’ Mango At Rs 1500 Per Kg

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, June 01, 2023: A cluster of farmers hailing from Tripura’s Pancharatan, Narikel Kunja and Tai Chakma ADC villages under Gandacherra sub-division of Dhalai district are cultivating world’s expensive mango ‘Miyazaki’ along commonly available ‘Amrapalli’, ‘Himsagar’, ‘Haribhanga’, ‘Vermis’, Chinese, etc.

Mangoes from several areas of Gandacherra sub-division in Dhalai district have also gained popularity. Different varieties of mangoes are cultivated in different regions of the subdivision. And all these mangoes are exported to different cities of the state. Mango sellers in various cities of the state have already negotiated with mango growers to purchase mangoes from several orchards in the sub-division.

The farmers claimed that the mango yield is very good this year. They said that in the last several years, the yield and quality of this year’s mangoes have been substantial. Pancharatan, Narikel Kunja and Tai Chakma ADC Villages’ areas produce the highest quantity of mangoes in the sub-division.

Today there has been a great initiative in mango cultivation among the people of those areas for many years. Every year those farmers are earning good money by cultivating mangoes. This ‘Miyazaki’ variety of mango costs Rs 1500 per kilogram.

After driving 14 KMs from sub-divisional headquarter, one crosses Chakma Bazar and turn right towards Narikel Kunja, one of the renowned tourist centres of the state and on the way, mango orchards of different species on both sides of the road can be witnessed. Tourists visiting Narikel Kunja enjoy its scenic view located on the Dumbur reservoir and visits Ambagan next to it. They enjoy the picturesque view of the various species of mango orchards.

On the other hand, the farmers said that after several days of intense heat in the summer, there was little rain, but there has been not much damage to the mango crop. So they are hopeful that both farmers and traders will benefit from mango exports this year.

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