Tripura: Dr. Abir Lal Nath’s Expert Care Leads To Remarkable Recovery Of Encephalitis Patient

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, June 22, 2023: In a remarkable turn of events, a 50-year-old encephalitis patient from Malaynagar in West district is making rapid progress, thanks to the exceptional care provided by DNB (Neurology), Post-Doctoral Fellow Neuro Intervention & Stroke Dr. Abir Lal Nath, General Physician and Internal Medicine Dr. Dimbeswar Das, and the entire team at ILS Hospitals, Agartala.

The patient, Jaya Dey, initially suffered from high fever and became bedridden at home on June 01. Recognizing the severity of her condition, she was promptly admitted to IGM Hospital. Subsequently, she was transferred to Tripura Medical College and Dr. BRAM Teaching Hospital. Upon admission, her situation continued to deteriorate, leading to her placement in the ICU and subsequent ventilation. Doctors diagnosed her with the ‘encephalitis’, patient’s son-in-law Animesh Bhowmik told Northeast Today.

Witnessing the patient’s suffering, we managed to establish contact with Dr. Abir Lal Nath. Through phone and video calls, we sought Dr. Nath’s guidance and support for several days. On June 04, when the patient’s condition was critical and other healthcare staff at TMC and Dr. BRAM Teaching Hospital had exhausted their efforts, we took a calculated risk and transferred the patient to ILS Hospitals, Agartala. Throughout this process, Dr. Nath remained in constant communication, providing invaluable assistance remotely.

Upon arrival at ILS Hospitals, Agartala, around 1 AM on June 05, we observed that Dr. Nath had already instructed the resident doctors regarding the necessary steps to be taken after the patient’s admission. The following morning, the patient received two expensive injections as part of her treatment. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Abir Lal Nath and Dr. Dimbeswar Das, Jaya Dey began to show signs of recovery within three to four days.

Despite the initial pessimism and lack of hope from the doctors, we persisted in bringing the patient to ILS Hospitals. Today, we are content with the exceptional care provided by Dr. Abir Lal Nath and the entire team at ILS Hospitals, Agartala.

Jaya Dey comes from a middle-class family, and as her recovery progressed, Dr. Nath compassionately suggested that she be shifted home. After spending 12 days in the MICU of this private hospital, she regained consciousness on the fifth day at ILS Hospitals. Another reason for her transfer was the development of a fungal infection.

Currently, Jaya Dey’s condition is improving steadily, and she can recognize her family members. Two well-trained nurses are attending to her needs. Although the neuro problem requires time for resolution, her recovery is expected to be swift. Even Dr. Nath and the team at ILS Hospitals are astonished by the speed of her progress.

Meanwhile, Dr Nath told this correspondent that the patient is recovering and the family members are constantly in touch with him.

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