Kochi Set To Welcome International Gathering of Magicians in August

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Preparations are in full swing in the vibrant city of Kochi, Kerala, as it prepares to play host to an extraordinary international gathering of approximately a thousand magicians this August.

The two-day event, named ‘Manthra-2- International Magic Convention,’ will witness magicians from around the world convene on August 12-13, with the third day being open to the general public.

An impressive lineup of magicians is expected to grace the occasion, including Vladyslav from Ukraine, Sombat Mamada from Thailand, Sai from Taiwan, J from Vietnam, Alona from Paris, and Tora Hossien from Iran.

Adding a touch of enchantment to the proceedings will be the renowned Kerala magician, Samraj, a recipient of the prestigious “Merlin Award,” often referred to as the “Oscar of Magic,” garnering international acclaim. At 67 years old, Samraj, who transitioned from a career in engineering to magic, expressed his enthusiasm for the event.

This convention marks the second edition, following the successful inaugural gathering in 2016. Samraj shared that they have received support from the Culture and Tourism departments of Kerala, Mazma India, and the Academy of Magic based in Thailand.

Primarily, the event aims to strengthen the global network of magicians across various levels of expertise. Notably, the presence of numerous street magicians from within the country will serve as a highlight during the gathering.

Samraj stated, “The convention will also serve as a platform for discussing the evolving landscape of magic. Much like any other field, magic undergoes constant transformation. It is imperative for all of us to come together and learn from one another.”

As August approaches, anticipation builds for this magical affair that promises to captivate both magicians and the public alike.

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