Putin Hails PM Modi As ‘Great Friend Of Russia’ & Applauds ‘Make In India’ Initiative

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “a great friend of Russia” and commended the ‘Make in India’ initiative during an economic forum in Moscow. Putin expressed admiration for the positive impact of the initiative on the Indian economy and suggested that other countries should consider emulating its success.

Speaking at the event organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Putin highlighted the opportunities for Russian companies amidst Western sanctions policies. He stressed the importance of providing support tools to help Russian businesses effectively market their products. Putin specifically pointed to India’s leadership in creating a model that promotes local manufacturing capabilities and attracts foreign investment.

The President emphasized the significance of enhancing product design and functionality, urging businesses to prioritize modern aesthetics and properties. He stated that industrial and product design can serve as a valuable resource for the development of domestic enterprises.

Launched by Prime Minister Modi in 2014, the ‘Make in India’ initiative aims to promote domestic manufacturing and incentivize investments in the country. Its objective is to encourage companies to develop, manufacture, and assemble products within India’s borders.

The meeting between Putin and Modi in September 2022, on the sidelines of a regional security summit in Uzbekistan, highlighted the strong bond between the two leaders.

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