Election Commission Introduces Online Portal for Political Parties to Submit Financial Statements

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The Election Commission has launched an online portal to streamline the process of filing financial statements by registered political parties. This initiative aims to enhance transparency in the disclosure of financial information by political entities.

The development is part of the Election Commission’s “3C strategy,” which focuses on cleaning up the system, cracking down on irregularities, and ensuring compliance to strengthen transparency and accountability in political funding and expenditure. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar has been leading this effort for the past year, according to sources.

Political parties that prefer not to file their financial reports online must provide written reasons for their decision. They can continue to submit physical reports in hard copy format along with CDs or pen drives, following the prescribed formats.

“The Commission will publish all such reports online, along with a letter of justification from the party for not filing financial statements online,” stated the Election Commission. In a letter addressed to political parties, the Commission explained that this step was taken to address the challenges associated with filing physical reports and to ensure timely submissions in a standardized format.

The online portal will facilitate the electronic filing of Contribution Reports, Audited Annual Accounts, and Election Expenditure Statements by political parties. These financial statements are required to be submitted by political parties to the Election Commission/Chief Electoral Officers of States/Union Territories, in accordance with the Representation of the People Act, 1951, and the transparency guidelines issued by the Commission over the years.

“The availability of data online is expected to improve compliance and transparency,” highlighted the Election Commission. The Commission emphasized the crucial role of political parties and stressed the importance of adhering to democratic principles and transparency in electoral processes, particularly regarding financial disclosures.

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