NCP Files Disqualification Petition Against Ajit Pawar and Eight Other MLAs

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The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has officially lodged a disqualification petition with Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Rahul Narwekar against nine MLAs who were sworn in as ministers in the Shinde-Fadnavis government on July 2.

Speaking at a late-night joint press conference, NCP State chief Jayant Patil expressed frustration at the lack of response from Speaker Narwekar despite repeated attempts to contact him. Patil revealed that they had sent the disqualification petition via WhatsApp and email and had urged the Speaker to check his messages. Additionally, Leader of the Opposition Jitendra Awhad planned to personally meet the Speaker to discuss the matter.

The NCP has also written to the Election Commission of India, highlighting that the nine legislators had engaged in anti-party activities and, as a result, should be disqualified immediately upon taking the oath.

Patil mentioned that MLAs from Ajit Pawar’s faction, who are in contact with NCP Chief Sharad Pawar and himself, expressed their discontent with the recent events. Patil emphasized that these MLAs should visit their respective constituencies and engage in discussions with their constituents before making any further decisions. The NCP has taken action only against the nine MLAs who took the oath on that day and has not yet addressed the other MLAs.

Patil acknowledged the strong support of the NCP’s rank and file, as well as its supporters throughout Maharashtra, who have stood with Sharad Pawar for many years. He expressed confidence that those who switched loyalty would eventually return, as their decision to join the other side would not be accepted by the people.

Regarding the rebel MLAs from Shiv Sena, Patil drew a distinction, stating that their betrayal had been “confirmed” as they were no longer in touch with the party. In contrast, the NCP’s MLAs were still in contact, and therefore, the party had not taken any immediate action or commented on their situation.

The NCP’s move signifies their determination to address the actions of the nine MLAs who aligned themselves with the Shinde-Fadnavis government, while keeping the door open for potential reconciliation with others who are still in touch with the party leadership.

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