Nagaland’s Kigwema Village Embraces Community Library Founded by Two Brothers

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Kohima, July 04, 2023: In the serene outskirts of Nagaland’s Kigwema Village, located 15km south of the state capital Kohima, two brothers have embarked on a remarkable endeavor by establishing a Community Library, spreading the love for reading among the locals.

Akho Phira and his elder brother Thepfukelie Phira self-funded this initiative, which was officially inaugurated on July 23, 2021. Speaking to ANI, 27-year-old Akho Phira, currently employed at the Centre for Research in Schemes and Politics, Meghalaya, shared that the idea for the community library stemmed from a casual conversation with his brother, Thepfukelie. The concept instantly resonated with both of them.

Akho emphasized their passion for reading and their desire to contribute to the community’s well-being, especially in revitalizing the dwindling culture of reading. Through the community library, they aimed to make books easily accessible to all.

He further revealed that individuals from various backgrounds visit the community library to access study materials and conduct research. Reflecting on their progress, Akho proudly mentioned that in the span of two years, they achieved two significant milestones by establishing similar modules in another village under the Phek district of Nagaland.

Recalling the library’s humble beginnings, Akho shared that they initially started with a handful of books from their personal collections and received contributions from close friends. However, over time, they received book donations from institutions such as the Department of Art and Culture and Forest Department of Nagaland, as well as individuals from Pune, Goa, Bangalore, and various organizations. He mentioned the recent support received from Goonj Assa.

Akho Phira also highlighted the significance of the library’s location, known as ‘Nepi Tsekhwe’ in the local dialect. The space holds historical importance as it was traditionally used for informal discussions, public gatherings, and even served as a vantage point during the Second World War when the Britishers stationed tanks and artillery nearby. The circular seating structure, honoring one of the forefathers named ‘Nepi,’ adds to its cultural significance.

Looking ahead, Akho expressed the importance of persistence, consistency, and cultivating the habit of reading. He aims to inspire more young individuals not only to embrace reading but also to foster future innovations. The brothers remain committed to their work and continue to motivate others to contribute to the community’s intellectual growth.

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