Tripura: Deceptive Man Held For Exploiting 30 Women’s Trust

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, July 06, 2023: Local residents in the Tripura’s Khilpara area under Udaipur sub-division in Gomati district on Wednesday apprehended a man for deceiving 30 innocent girls on the pretext of marriage and offering lucrative job opportunities in Bangalore.

They took matters into their own hands when they apprehended a man in his middle age who had been deceiving a girl from their community. The man, known as Bacchu Miah or Imran Hossain, convinced the girl to give him her valuable gold jewelry under the false promise of marriage. This was not an isolated incident, as investigations by the Radhakishorepur women police station revealed that Hossain had a history of fraudulent relationships, with this being his 31st known case.

Hossain, a resident of Maharani area in Udaipur, had successfully defrauded 30 innocent girls from different parts of the state using a combination of promises of marriage and lucrative job opportunities in Bangalore. Sadly, many of his victims not only lost their jewelry but also entrusted him with large sums of money, hoping for a better life. However, Hossain would vanish without a trace once he had obtained what he desired.

Further investigations into Hossain’s activities uncovered that he possessed two mobile phones containing a significant number of saved telephone numbers, which corresponded to past and potential targets. His modus operandi involved approaching girls, expressing love for them, and then revealing his true intentions. Hossain was presented before the court, and authorities have requested his remand for additional investigation. It is expected that further examination of the case will uncover more victims who have fallen victim to his treacherous acts.

In addition to his fraudulent romantic endeavors, it has been revealed that Hossain is married to two women. His second wife, Khadeja Begum, reportedly had her bank account used to receive funds from numerous victims.

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