Tripura Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Roy Presents Budget Of Rs 27,654 Crore For 2023-24 FY

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, July 07, 2023: In a significant development, Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Roy presented the budget for the financial year 2023-24. The proposed budget allocation amounts to Rs 27,654.40 crore, marking a 9.87 percent increase from the revised estimate of the previous fiscal year, 2022-23.

One of the key highlights of the budget is the capital expenditure, projected at Rs 5,358.7 crore, reflecting a substantial increase of 22.28 percent over the previous year’s estimate. Singha Roy announced a budget deficit of Rs 611.3 crore.

Singha Roy emphasized that the budget serves as a blueprint for the future development of Tripura, aiming to transform it into a developed state. He expressed his hope that the budget would contribute significantly to the overall welfare of the people and called for cooperation from all sections of society.

The Finance Minister’s budget speech comprised 177 points across 43 pages. The budget focuses on various aspects, including infrastructure development, good governance, comprehensive social development, sustainable farming practices, education, skill development, and healthcare.

Under the budget, a new scheme called the “Mukhyamantri Integrated Crop Management Programme (MICMP)” is introduced. It aims to cover 1,16,400 hectares of land with an allocation of Rs 10 crore to enhance the production and productivity of ‘Aman’ paddy. Additionally, the government plans to launch the “Kisan Sahayata Mobile App” to provide agricultural advice to farmers. Furthermore, two Agriculture Development Research Cum Training Centers will be established with IT facilities, involving a budget of Rs 4.10 crore.

The budget also focuses on improving the animal husbandry sector. It proposes a cattle breed improvement program, with 1.40 lakh doses of artificial insemination utilizing both sex-sorted and conventional semen doses. The government plans to establish a modern Artificial Insemination Training Centre and five veterinary dispensaries within the next three years. Moreover, a revamped scheme, the “Mukhyamantri Prani Sampad Bikash Yojana,” is introduced, with an allocation of Rs 10 crore.

To optimize the production of fish and create employment opportunities, the government will formulate a comprehensive Fisheries Policy. A new scheme, the “Mukhyamantri Matsya Bikash Yojana (MMBY),” is proposed with a budget of Rs 12 crore to enhance fish production and fish seed production.

In the education sector, the budget allocates Rs 50 crore for constructing schools under the “PMSHRI” scheme. It also introduces the “Mukhyamantri Konya Atmanirbhar Yojana,” which aims to provide scooters to 100 girl toppers of Class XII to encourage higher education. The government plans to launch the “Tripura Agniveer Programme” in higher secondary schools to boost youth participation in the “Agnipath” scheme.

Several infrastructure projects are also included in the budget, such as the provision of Wi-Fi coverage to all degree colleges and polytechnic institutes. Additionally, the construction of new science buildings at Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya, Udaipur, MBB College, and an administrative and academic building at IASE, Kunjaban, Agartala, is planned with respective budgets of Rs 40 crore, Rs 77 crore, and Rs 10 crore.

The budget allocates Rs 4,939 crore for the Education and Youth Affairs sector, Rs 1,756 crore for the health sector, and other funds for various purposes.

Furthermore, the government aims to replace all 9.60 lakh paper ration cards with PVC ration cards. It also plans to transform 765 FP shops run by dealers and 165 FP shops run by Co-operative Societies into Model fair price shops.

The budget outlines various scholarships and financial support schemes for SC students, including pre-matric and post-matric scholarships, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Merit Awards, one-time financial support, and soft loans provided by the Tripura SC Co-operative Development Corporation Ltd.

The Tripura Building & Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board (TBOCWW Board) introduces the Nirman Shramik Kalyan Prakalp 2.0 (NSKP 2.0) scheme to provide social security benefits to registered construction workers and their families. The scheme enhances benefits related to marriage, funeral assistance, maternity, education, and ex-gratia.

In the field of sports, the budget includes the construction of Youth Hostels, a stadium, and the launch of the “Mukhyamantri State Talent Search Programme” and the “Mukhyamantri Sports Development Scheme.” These initiatives aim to provide training, financial assistance, and scholarships to selected athletes and establish world-class sports facilities.

Overall, the budget for the financial year 2023-24 in Tripura reflects the government’s commitment to comprehensive development across various sectors and the betterment of its people.

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