Tripura: Opposition’s Disruptive Conduct In Assembly Hinders Productive Dialogue

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, July 11, 2023: The recent chaotic scenes that unfolded during the budget session of the Tripura Legislative Assembly are deeply disheartening. Instead of engaging in constructive discussions and debates on important matters affecting the state and its citizens, opposition parties chose to resort to disruptive tactics, undermining the sanctity and purpose of the assembly.

The incident involving BJP MLA Yadav Lal Nath, who was allegedly caught watching an inappropriate video during a previous session, understandably raised concerns and warranted proper investigation. However, the manner in which the opposition parties, including TIPRA Motha, CPIM, and Congress MLAs, handled the situation was anything but responsible.

Rather than following the established procedures and protocols, opposition MLAs chose to protest and demand immediate action against Nath, disrupting the proceedings of the assembly. The speaker Biswa Bandhu Sen rightly emphasized that the matter would be addressed appropriately at a later time, yet certain opposition members persisted in their attempts to disrupt the session. Such behavior not only reflects a lack of respect for the assembly but also undermines the democratic principles that our legislative institutions are built upon.

The subsequent suspension of five MLAs- Ranjit Debbarma (TMP), Nandita Reang (TMP), Brishaketu Debbarma (TMP), Sudip Roy Barman (Congress), and Nayan Sarkar (CPIM) further highlights the deteriorating state of decorum and discipline within the assembly. It is essential for elected representatives to uphold the dignity of their positions and exhibit exemplary conduct. The suspension serves as a reminder that disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and that the assembly must maintain an environment conducive to meaningful discussions.

While opposition parties have a vital role to play in holding the government accountable and voicing concerns, it is crucial that they exercise their responsibilities in a responsible and respectful manner. Disrupting proceedings, resorting to protests, and creating an atmosphere of chaos only serves to hinder productive dialogue and impede the progress of the state.

It is imperative that all members of the assembly, irrespective of their political affiliations, prioritize the interests of the people they represent and engage in constructive debates to address the challenges facing Tripura. By setting aside personal interests and focusing on the greater good, the assembly can foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation, leading to effective governance and positive outcomes for the state and its citizens.

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