ARRI and NRRI Join Forces for Collaborative Rice Research

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Guwahati, July 14, 2023: In a significant development, the Assam Rice Research Institute (ARRI) affiliated with the Assam Agricultural University (AAU) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Rice Research Institute (NRRI) under the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR). The MoU, signed on Thursday, aims to foster joint scientific collaborative research, exchange of scientific technologies, publications, and academic endeavors between the two esteemed institutions.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Dr. AK Nayak, Director of ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack, and Dr. Mrinal Saikia, Director of Research (i/c) at AAU. Dr. Bidyut Chandan Deka, Vice Chancellor of AAU, and Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chetia, Chief Scientist at ARRI, were also present to witness the occasion.

An official from ARRI expressed enthusiasm about this unique collaboration, emphasizing that it will lead to the generation and promotion of new technologies, varieties, and impactful scientific publications resulting from joint efforts. The MoU also facilitates the exchange of rice germplasm between the two institutes, promoting knowledge sharing and advancements in the field.

Additionally, the MoU encompasses exchange programs for students, faculty, and resource persons, as well as the participation of faculty members, students, and research scholars in courses, conferences, seminars, and other academic events. Both institutes are also committed to organizing joint academic programs to enhance knowledge dissemination and cooperation.

ARRI, a prestigious institute under the purview of AAU, specializes in rice research and has played a pivotal role in developing high-yielding rice varieties that are widely acclaimed in the region. Over the years, ARRI has successfully introduced more than 45 high-yielding rice varieties, including popular ones like Ranjit, Ranjit-Sub-1, Bahadur, Bahadur-Sub-1, Gitesh, Luit, Kapilee, Disang, Numoli, Shraboni, Dholi, and many more.

In 2021, ARRI achieved a remarkable milestone by developing a high-yielding purple rice variety known as Labanya. This variety not only offers diabetic-friendly properties but is also rich in antioxidants and fiber while being convenient to cook.

The collaboration between ARRI and NRRI holds immense promise for the advancement of rice research, technological innovation, and the overall development of the agricultural sector. It is expected to bring numerous benefits, including the improvement of rice varieties, dissemination of knowledge, and ultimately contributing to the growth of the farming community and the nation as a whole.

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