Tripura: Outstanding Electricity Bills Reach Rs 47.79 Lakh In Tirthamukh Village

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, July 14, 2023: The serene village of Tirthamukh, known for its hydroelectric project, is grappling with a mounting issue of unpaid electricity bills. With about 155 families residing in the village, the outstanding amount has reached a staggering Rs 47.79 lakh. The villagers have been under the impression that electricity is provided free of cost, based on a proclamation made by a liberator in the past.

Officials from the Jatanbari Power department have repeatedly attempted to collect the outstanding bills but have been met with resistance. The villagers, under the impression that God will cover their bills, have even denied food to the power department workers, suspecting a conspiracy.

With only four families diligently paying their bills, the remaining 150 families have never paid their electricity bills since getting connected. The power department resorted to cutting power lines, yet the outstanding bills remain unpaid.

Adding to the village’s predicament, a 200 KV power transformer broke down on July 7, 2023. The villagers, holding steadfast to their belief in free electricity, blocked the road and demanded immediate repairs and restoration of electricity supply. TSECL officials, accompanied by police and administrative authorities, rushed to address the situation.

Local MLA Sanjay Manik Tripura expressed concern over the misled villagers and their refusal to pay bills. He stressed the importance of understanding that without bill payment, electricity services cannot be maintained, hindering the village’s development. Tripura intends to hold discussions with villagers, administration officials, and the electricity corporation to raise awareness about the necessity of bill payment.

He emphasized that just like other essential services requiring financial support, electricity usage also comes with a cost. Tripura hopes to increase the number of educated individuals in the village and enhance their income prospects. He urges all residents to become conscious citizens and pay their electricity bills on time, emphasizing the need for awareness and responsibility.

The future of Tirthamukh village relies on the resolution of outstanding bills and the understanding that essential services require financial contributions.

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