Manipur Government Planning To Evacuate Citizens From Mizoram Amidst Rumours

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Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram

In the wake of the ethnic conflict in Manipur, some Meiteis who were living in Mizoram have decided to leave the state by taking flights and buses to Imphal. This happened after a group of former rebels, known as PAMRA, issued a press release that advised the Meiteis to exercise caution in Mizoram because of the public sentiments regarding the violence in Manipur.

The Mizoram government clarified that PAMRA did not intend to issue a quit notice or a diktat to the Meiteis and that they regretted that their press release was misconstrued by some media outlets. The government also assured the Meiteis of their safety and security in Mizoram and urged them not to be misguided by rumors. The government also deployed security forces to various institutions in Mizoram where Meitei students and workers were studying or working, such as Veterinary College, Mizoram University, RIPANS, and ZMC.

The government said that no incident of violence or harassment against the Meiteis in Mizoram has been reported so far. Meanwhile, the Mizo Students Union announced that they will conduct a census of Meiteis in Mizoram and its institutions on July 24, 2023, to find out how many Meiteis are in Mizoram and what they are doing there. Some parents of Mizo students who are studying at RIMS in Imphal requested the MSU not to carry out the census, as they feared it might create more tension and jeopardize the safety of their children in Manipur.

The Mizo students at RIMS said that they are safe inside the campus but they have been advised by the RIMS officials not to venture out of their hostel unless they have classes.

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