Manipur Government Orders Assam Rifles To Deport 718 Myanmar Nationals Amid Unrest

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Manipur, July 25, 2023: In response to the ongoing unrest in Myanmar, the Manipur government has taken measures to address the entry of 718 Myanmar nationals into the state. The individuals, including 301 children, arrived in Manipur’s Chandel district on July 22 and 23, seeking refuge due to the prevailing turmoil in their home country.

The Assam Rifles, a Border Guarding Force, reported the “fresh illegal influx” of Myanmar nationals along the Indo-Myanmar border. Following this, the Manipur government has ordered Assam Rifles to promptly deport these individuals, considering the potential “international ramifications” and the critical law and order situation in the region.

The state government has also sought a detailed report from Assam Rifles to determine how these Myanmar nationals were allowed to enter India without proper travel documents. This move comes in the context of past instructions from the Ministry of Home Affairs to prevent the entry of Myanmar nationals without valid visas or travel documents.

The situation has added to the existing tensions between the Meitei and Kuki-Zomi communities in Manipur, with accusations of “illegal immigration” from Myanmar being a contentious issue. Meanwhile, neighboring Mizoram has provided shelter to more than 35,000 refugees from Myanmar, despite instructions from the central government.

In its efforts to address the issue of “illegal immigrants,” Manipur has constituted a Population Commission to identify and manage the situation effectively. The state government’s firm stance on deporting the Myanmar nationals reflects its commitment to maintaining law and order and addressing the complexities arising from the ongoing unrest in the neighboring country.

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