Arunachal Pradesh Initiates State Data Centre Project To Transform Digital Infrastructure

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Guwahati, July 26, 2023: A momentous step in the digital transformation of Arunachal Pradesh, as the state government sets in motion the establishment of a State Data Centre (SDC), a vital component of its digital infrastructure plan.

To commemorate the commencement of this significant project, a bhumi pooja (groundbreaking ceremony) took place on Tuesday, graced by Chairman IT Doni Nich and Director IT Neelam Yapin Tana, along with a team of department officers. The ceremony symbolizes the official initiation of the construction and implementation of the SDC, marking a remarkable milestone in the state’s journey to modernize and strengthen its IT infrastructure.

The State Data Centre serves as a critical information infrastructure (CII), playing a pivotal role in the success of IT and e-Governance initiatives across the state. Among its key functions, the SDC will serve as a central repository of state data, ensuring secure data storage and enabling online service delivery for citizens. The portal will facilitate access to essential citizen information and services, while also serving as the state’s intranet portal.

Additionally, the SDC will play a vital role in disaster recovery, ensuring the safety and accessibility of crucial data in adverse situations. The facility will also facilitate remote management and service integration, optimizing IT operations for enhanced efficiency.

This transformative project highlights Arunachal Pradesh’s commitment to harnessing digital technologies for improved governance and service delivery. The State Data Centre will empower the state with advanced capabilities, paving the way for greater transparency, efficiency, and innovation in various sectors. As the state takes significant strides towards an advanced digital landscape, the establishment of the SDC stands as a testament to its vision for a digitally empowered future.


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