Tripura: Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma Holds Key Talks With Interlocutor AK Mishra On ‘Greater Tipraland’

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, July 27, 2023: Tripura’s royal scion and former TIPRA Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma engaged in a crucial meeting with Interlocutor AK Mishra on Thursday to discuss the pressing issue of ‘Greater Tipraland’ demand.

Pradyot revealed that the TIPRA Motha leaders had arrived in Delhi to pursue a constitutional solution for their cause.

During the visit to Delhi, the TIPRA Motha representatives held discussions not only with AK Mishra but also with officials from the Union Home Minister’s office. Additionally, the ruling ally of BJP in Tripura, the Indigenous People Front of Tripura (IPFT), was also present and involved in meetings related to the matter.

Taking to Twitter after the significant gathering, Pradyot expressed his relief as months of online trolling, abuse, and insults came to an end with the official meeting with the Home Minister’s officials and other organizations. He remained steadfast in his commitment to finding a constitutional solution for ‘Greater Tipraland,’ emphasizing the significance of this cause for the indigenous people of Tripura.

Despite facing considerable challenges and enduring personal suffering, Pradyot’s dedication to the welfare of his people remained unwavering. He called for enlightenment for those who had mocked and doubted him in the past, asserting that his love and commitment to the betterment of the community remained steadfast.

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