Non-Manipuri Residents & Traders Join Hands In Sit-In Protest For Peace In Manipur

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Guwahati, July 28, 2023: A resolute display of solidarity took place at Thangal Bazar in Imphal West, as the All Bazar Community and Traders organized a sit-in protest on Friday, demanding the swift restoration of peace and tranquility in Manipur. People from various communities, including Sikh and Jain, came together to raise their voices for peace, emphasizing that peace is the only way to resolve the ongoing crisis in the region.

In collaboration with the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), the sit-in demonstration conveyed a powerful message that lasting peace can only be achieved through amicable resolutions. The protestors transcended barriers of caste, creed, and community, uniting for a common cause – restoring normalcy and harmony in Manipur.

Addressing the media during the protest, Dolly Jain, one of the impassioned protestors, expressed deep concern over the prolonged instability in Manipur. She urged everyone to unite and focus on bringing peace and harmony back to the beautiful state.

“Manipur holds immense potential to become one of the top cities in the world. However, stability and harmony are essential to unlock this potential. Peace is the only path towards progress, and each section of society must contribute to achieve this stability,” emphasized Gagandeep, another fervent participant in the protest.

The protestors’ placards bore powerful messages, calling to “Save Education,” “Stop Killing Innocent People,” “We Want Non-Violence,” and “Forget and Forgive – We Are All Brothers and Sisters.” These messages reflect the collective yearning for an end to violence and a fresh start towards building a peaceful and prosperous Manipur. The event serves as a poignant reminder that peace is the key to unleashing the true potential of the region and fostering unity among all communities.


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