Tinsukia Police Intensify Operation Against ULFA-I, Arrest Former Member Involved In Recruitment

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Guwahati, August 01, 2023: Tinsukia police in upper Assam have ramped up their efforts to tackle the activities of the banned extremist group, United Liberation Front of Assam (Independent) or ULFA-I. As part of their determined operation, they successfully apprehended Surjit Gogoi, a former member of ULFA-I, who was allegedly involved in luring youths to join the outlawed outfit. This operation comes as concerns escalate over ULFA’s activities in the region.

The arrest of Surjit Gogoi came to light after the police received information about the involvement of a person named Aisaang Assam in recruiting youths into the ULFA-I. Aisaang Assam reportedly provided Gogoi with a list of 17 potential recruits and pressured him to induct them into the extremist organization.

Acting swiftly on intelligence, the Tinsukia police conducted a well-coordinated operation, utilizing their secret sources to track down Surjit Gogoi while he was on the move. By apprehending the former ULFA-I member, the police potentially thwarted further attempts to recruit more youths into the extremist ranks.

Surjit Gogoi had joined ULFA-I in 2021 and was taken into custody by the Tinsukia police in 2022. The ongoing investigation aims to delve into all aspects of the recruitment scheme, gathering evidence to ensure that the culprits are brought to justice.

Police sources have revealed that the initial connection between Aichang Assam and Surjit Gogoi was made through Facebook, leading to the unfolding of the recruitment plan. As the investigation progresses, the police are determined to dismantle the network and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable youths by extremist groups.

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