PM Modi’s Focus On Tribal Welfare; Tripura Government Aims For Inclusive Development: CM Dr Manik Saha

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, August 18, 2023: In a significant move towards inclusive development, the Tripura government has submitted a proposal to the central government for the allocation of 50 seats in the Autonomous District Council (ADC) to ensure representation from all segments of society.

The announcement was made by Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha during a consultation workshop with Pradhan Samajpatis of different Tribal Communities of Tripura at Pragna Bhavan in Agartala on Friday.

Addressing the workshop attendees, CM Dr. Manik Saha emphasized the transformational approach taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards the welfare of the indigenous population. He underscored the Prime Minister’s commitment to individual development as a cornerstone of societal progress and acknowledged the Prime Minister’s efforts in ensuring Janjati representation at both state and national levels.

“The essence of societal progress lies in the development of individuals, without which the advancement of the state and nation remains incomplete,” stated Chief Minister Dr. Saha. He commended Prime Minister Modi’s appointment of Droupadi Murmu, a prominent Janjati leader, as President, highlighting the administration’s dedication to public welfare.

Chief Minister Dr. Saha underscored the commitment of the Tripura state government to promote overall welfare and harmony among diverse communities. Currently, the ADC comprises 28 seats, representing a subset of the ethnic groups within the state. The government’s proposal seeks to expand the representation to 50 seats, allowing broader inclusivity.

With a resolute vision for progress, Chief Minister Dr. Saha emphasized the government’s allocation of 30 crores to improve hospital infrastructure within the ADC. Additionally, a comprehensive development target of 5000 crore rupees has been set, spanning 39 governmental departments.

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Highlighting the growing global recognition of Tripura’s indigenous culture, Chief Minister Dr. Saha expressed his pride in the way traditional turbans have gained prominence. The state’s emblematic “Risa” has become a symbol recognized both nationally and internationally.

The Chief Minister also praised the state’s advancements in industries such as bamboo cane, rubber, and agar, as well as significant improvements in the national highway system. This infrastructural enhancement, he asserted, was indispensable for overall state development and attracting investment.

Chief Minister Dr. Saha reiterated Tripura’s progress under Prime Minister Modi’s Act East Policy, emphasizing the imminent completion of the Sabroom ‘Maitri Setu’ in South district, which is poised to bolster regional connectivity and trade with South East Asia. The upcoming launch of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at the site is expected to further catalyze economic growth.

In closing, Chief Minister Dr. Saha called for unity among Tripura’s populace, cautioning against divisive forces. He urged all citizens to align their efforts with the shared objective of making Tripura the finest version of itself. With developments ranging from infrastructural upgrades to societal inclusivity, Tripura appears set on an ambitious trajectory of holistic growth.

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