Mystery Illness Strikes 12 Students At School’s Hostel In Tripura: Suspected Food Poisoning Sparks Concern

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, August 19, 2023: In a startling incident late on Friday night, a dozen students at Hari Radha Vidya Mandir, located in Lakhai Bazar under Teliamura police station of Khowai district, fell seriously ill while residing in the school’s hostel. The sudden health crisis has left both students and staff in a state of panic.

The incident unfolded when twelve schoolgirls, spanning from classes I to VIII, suddenly became gravely unwell while sleeping in the girls’ hostel after their dinner. Alarming symptoms, including breathing difficulties, prompted immediate concern among other hostel residents. Frightened by the situation, the girls quickly alerted hostel staff responsible for their well-being.

Upon receiving the distressing news, hostel personnel, including the hostel superintendent, rushed to the girls’ quarters. Witnessing the severity of the situation, they promptly evacuated the afflicted students and transported them to Teliamura sub-divisional hospital for urgent medical attention. Subsequently, the twelve injured schoolgirls received treatment in the hospital’s emergency department.

However, during this critical time, allegations of negligence have arisen against Dr. Shaswati Majumder, the attending physician in the emergency department of Teliamura Sub-Divisional Hospital. Concerns have been raised regarding the adequacy of the care provided to the seriously ill students during their time of need.

Meanwhile, sources within the hostel have suggested that the dinner menu on Friday night included bamboo roots curry. Teliamura Hospital sources speculate that food poisoning may be the cause behind the students’ sudden illness, possibly linked to the consumption of bamboo roots. However, there are indications that hostel authorities may be attempting to downplay this possibility. Priyatosh Pal, representing the hostel administration, offered an alternative explanation, attributing the students’ ailments to fear of the night’s darkness, a statement that has been met with skepticism.

Furthermore, Dr. Shaswati Majumdar, the doctor on duty, has avoided media inquiries, further fueling suspicions surrounding the incident. The circumstances surrounding the students’ illnesses remain under investigation as concerned parties seek answers and transparency in the matter.


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