Domestic Violence Nightmare In Tripura: Woman Tortured And Set Ablaze, Husband Arrested

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, September 09, 2023: In a shocking and horrifying incident, a woman identified as Soma Saha was subjected to brutal torture and set on fire by her husband, who had reportedly confined her within their residence for an agonizing four days. The incident took place in the quiet place of Karaimura under Bishalgarh sub-division.

Soma Saha’s terrifying ordeal came to an end on Friday night when vigilant neighbours, alerted by her desperate cries for help, took matters into their own hands. Breaking into the house, they not only rescued Soma but also apprehended her malevolent husband, Goutam Saha, who claimed to hold spiritual leadership.

Local authorities were swiftly informed of the situation, leading to the immediate arrest of Goutam Saha at the scene. He was subsequently transported to the Bishalgarh Women’s Police Station, where an intense interrogation is underway to uncover the full extent of his actions.

Soma Saha, bearing severe burn injuries to her face and body, was swiftly moved to Bishalgarh sub-divisional hospital for urgent medical attention. Her condition is reported to be critical, and medical professionals are working tirelessly to stabilize her.

Disturbingly, neighbours revealed that Goutam Saha had been a superstitious and abusive husband, consistently accusing his wife of being possessed by malevolent spirits. He systematically isolated her, preventing her from leaving the house or engaging with others. Although neighbours had attempted to intervene previously, Soma Saha’s profound fear had prevented her from speaking out against her tormentor.

The residents of Karaimura have united in their demand for stringent action against Goutam Saha, urging authorities to deliver justice for the victim. Additionally, they are calling upon local authorities to implement measures aimed at preventing future incidents of domestic violence and combating superstitions that can lead to such horrific episodes.


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