Tripura: Tragic Altercation Leaves Businessman Dead In Melaghar, 16-Year-Old Student Arrested

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, September 17, 2023: A shocking incident took place at Netaji Chowmuhani in Melaghar where a 52-year-old businessman Biswajit Debnath, tragically lost his life at the hands of a 16-year-old student. The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the community.

Reportedly, the unfortunate event transpired around 3 pm on Sunday in the vicinity of Ward No. 1 of Melaghar Telkajla Gram Panchayat. The student in question visited the MRS Xerox shop, located at Netaji Chowmuhani, and requested a photocopy service. After receiving the service, the student handed a Rs 500 note to the shop’s owner Biswajit Debnath.

However, when Biswajit Debnath counted the money in his cash box, he realized that Rs 2,500 were missing. He promptly confronted the 16-year-old student, accusing him of theft. An argument ensued between the two parties, escalating to a critical juncture. During the confrontation, the minor drew a knife from his school book bag and inflicted fatal injuries on Biswajit Debnath, striking him in the back and head.

Subsequently, as the assailant attempted to flee the scene, other local traders gave chase and apprehended him at Melaghar Madhya Bazar. The Melaghar police were alerted and promptly arrived at the scene, taking the accused student into custody. Meanwhile, medical assistance was sought for Biswajit Debnath, who was initially taken to a local hospital. However, given the severity of his injuries, he was referred to Agartala GB Hospital. Tragically, Biswajit Debnath succumbed to his injuries while en route to GB Hospital.

This distressing incident has cast a pall of tension and sorrow over the community. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, and legal proceedings will follow to address the tragedy. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of peaceful conflict resolution and the need to nurture a harmonious society where such incidents are prevented at all costs.


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