Nagaland: Naga Entrepreneur Bags International Award

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As per information,  Kejaroko Pieru, founder and CEO of Pier Tours and President of Nagaland Association of Tour Operators (NATO) has won the “Best Ecological Entrepreneur” award, given by the International Eco-Tourism Society (TIES) at the 18th International Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference and B2B Networking and 3rd Eco-Tourism Award at Luxor, Egypt.

Following this, NTA President, Vimeto Vakha congratulated Pieru and said that the association was proud of the recognition and achievement, especially in the field of tourism, where an entrepreneur from Nagaland and Northeast received accolades at an international event.

Vakha further lauded the state government and the Tourism Department and pointed out that the government can do many things to promote tourism, as the state has a lot of potential to become an ultimate eco-tourism destination that can boost the local economy.

However, the association also said that many tourism projects executed were not utilized and have not served the purpose of tourism and appealed to the government to give priority to developing more tourism-oriented projects, capacity building, awareness programmes development of new destinations.

The association further urged the tourism department to support the stakeholders in marketing, publicity etc. as they were essential to promote tourism.

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