Celebrating Mim Kut: A Forgotten Festival Of The Dead

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For the first time since it became a State, Mizoram is about to celebrate the Mim kut festival dedicated to honouring and remembering the departed loved ones.

The official event is reportedly scheduled to be held at Vanapa Hall on September 29, with various other highlights taking place in individual homes throughout the state.

As per the reported agenda, activities such as cleaning and decorating the graves of loved ones, along with volunteer efforts by NGOs to clean unmarked graves and community graveyards will also be a part of the program.

A festival deeply rooted in Mizo culture and tradition, the Mim Kut festival was once a part of every Mizo household that stood for its identity. However, the festival lost its past glory during the arrival of Missionaries wherein it was discouraged to celebrate deeming it be contradictory to Christian beliefs.

In a bid to renew the long-forgotten festival, Lalrinawma, the Minister of Social Welfare & Tribal Affairs, has reportedly appealed to the public to come together in remembrance of the departed souls as a part of the festival’s commemoration.

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