Alarming Rise In Young Heart Patients In The City: GMCH Analysis

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In a recent analysis conducted by doctors at Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), it has been revealed that 14 to 20% of heart patients in the city are below 40 years of age and have unhealthy food habits and lifestyles thereby challenging the traditional belief that heart diseases primarily affect older age groups.

Dr. Pranab Jyoti Bhattacharyya, Head of Cardiology at GMCH, emphasized that individuals close to the age of 40 are in their prime age for earning and providing for their families and suffering from heart diseases at this age not only affects their health but also impacts family finances due to the necessity of reducing workload.

He cautioned about eating unhealthy fast foods and urged for regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetable and said “Many easily available fast foods contain high trans-fatty acids which causes coronary artery disease” .

Dr. NK Bhattacharjee, Senior Cardiologist and President of Heart Care Society of Assam, highlighted a significant mean age of 36.5 years for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and expressed concern over the escalating number of young individuals diagnosed with CVD.

He added , “12 to 16% of youngsters in the urban population in the northeast have CVD. The number is increasing rapidly, especially among the young.In the Under- 40 population, it has been observed that 8.16% have established heart disease.Males suffer more than females and in the same study male/female ratio was found to be 6:1”.

Dr. Neil Bordoloi, a well-known cardiologist, emphasized the silent nature of heart diseases, highlighting that the first symptom can often be a massive heart attack. He urged individuals with a family history of heart diseases to undergo regular heart screenings to catch potential issues early on.

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