Endangered Gangetic Dolphin Spotted In Charikadiya River After 25 Years

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As stated by Dhruba Jyoti Chetia and Rajib Baruah of Pu N Fu Wild, a wildlife protection group based in Dhakuakhana, an endangered aquatic mammal, the Gangetic Dolphin (Platanista gangetica), was spotted in the Charikadiya River in Dhakuakhana in Lakhimpur district of Assam.

The exceptional discovery took place during a routine bird-watching expedition at Bolaighat, Dhakuakhana, led by Dhruba Jyoti Chetia and Rajib Baruah. Among the team of dedicated enthusiasts were Dhrubajyoti Nath and Manash Pratim Dutta, who were instrumental in identifying this elusive aquatic mammal, known locally as Sihu.

This extraordinary sighting holds immense significance, as the Gangetic Dolphin had not been spotted in the Charikadiya River for a staggering 25 years, with the last documented sighting dating back to 1998. The prolonged absence of this species raised concerns about its dwindling population and near-extinction status.

Notably, the decline of the Gangetic Dolphin population in the Charikadiya River can be attributed to various factors including hunting by humans and the reduction of its primary food source, the Neriya (Garua Bachcha) fish.

Additionally, the shallowing of the riverbed due to severe bank erosion has further exacerbated the challenges faced by these remarkable aquatic creatures.

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